Circuit for a Four Engine Scale Model Airplane

The following is a diagram of a circuit for a Four Engine Airplane. You will need:

  • 4 electric DC motors (You can find them online or at an electronic store like Radio Shack)

  • Electric wire (stranded)

  • A soldering gun or pencil soldering iron

  • Solder

  • 4 micro switches

  • 4 Variable resistors * and knobs

  • A battery holder for 4 AA batteries or a 6 Volts AC/DC Adapter

  • 4 AA Batteries

  • Project Enclosure Box – 3X2X1, 4X2X1, 6X3X2 -Use the Project Enclosure box to house the switches, variable resistors, and battery holder.

  • Hot Glue Gun (The hot glue gun is used to attach the motors inside the model. Be very careful not to apply too much heat to the model because it can melt the plastic)

* It is very important to choose the appropriate variable resistors. Resistors are rated by their ability to dissipate heat and their resistance. Their ability to dissipate heat is measured in watts. When you choose variable resistors to control the DC motors in your circuit, the resistor wattage rating should be at least equal to or higher than the wattage rating of the DC motor.