Building the YF-22 Advanced Tactical Fighter in 1/72 scale

This was a very easy-to-build Revell kit. This kit is categorized as a skill level 2. Many parts are snap-on, so this is an ideal kit for someone that is beginning in this hobby. The panel lines are very well done and after painting the model I decided to use a #2 pencil to enhance the detail even more. The clear cockpit has a yellowish color that looks nice on the finished model.

This is a nice-looking plane. The YF-22 was a prototype airplane. It was designed to be the most sophisticated and superior tactical fighter in the sky. Two prototypes were built and it won the contest against the Northrop YF-23 and entered production as the Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor. The YF-22 has similarities in aerodynamics with the F-22 but there are some differences in the position and design of the cockpit as well as the tail fins and wings.