Applying decals to a Plastic Model Airplane

To start, here is a short tutorial that shows you the basic steps necessary to apply decals to a plastic model airplane:

Step-by-step guide:

  1. To apply decals to a plastic model airplane you will need:

    • Decal Setting Solution

    • Scissors

    • A brush

    • Tissue Paper

    • Water

  2. Pre-cut the decals using scissors or a hobby knife.

  3. One at a time, dip a decal in water for a few seconds until you feel the decal move slightly from the backing paper.

  4. Using a brush apply some setting solution to the area of the model where you are planning to put a decal.

  5. Slide off the decal from the backing paper as you position it on the model.

  6. Using a brush apply more setting solution on top of the decal. Be very careful not to move it while you apply it. Allow the decal to dry. Carefully remove excess setting solution and water from the surface of the model using tissue paper.

  7. If the surface has many irregularities, like panel lines; you may need to add additional applications of setting solution.

  8. If you see bubbles appear on the decal, you can pick them with a needle or with the point of a hobby knife and then apply the setting solution with a brush until the bubble is flattened.

  9. Your model is now ready to showcase.