B-25 in service with the Peruvian Air Force

I decided to build a model of the B-25 bomber in Service with the Peruvian Air Force. I had a few references and an old Monogram Snaptite model kit, level 1. I painted the model silver and retouched the surfaces using aluminum foil and a #2 pencil. I also added some weathering effects. I made the decals using inkjet waterslide paper. I reproduced the insignia of the plane based on a picture of my dad, Major General (R) Oscar G. Gagliardi Kindlimann, that was taken back in the 50s next to the B-25 Bomber. My dad also provided me with the official specifications of the location of the markings on the plane. Here are a few pictures of the references and the finished model.

B-25 Model Kit - Top right view
Another view of the B-25 model kit

Picture of the B-25 bomber in service with the Peruvian Air Force

Official document from the Peruvian Air Force showing the markings on the B-25.

B-25 Model Kit - Top view